Chapter 5a, The Portfolio Chronicles

test2The evolution of online commerce ( and services) which started with JustDial (JD) in 1996 and progressed with Bookmyshow (BMS), Indiaplaza and Makemytrip (MMT) starting in 1998, 1999 and 2000 initially focussed on the supply side.Whether it was JD tying up with the local service providers or BMS creating software for the movie theaters, the focus was managing the supply side initially.

The next innovation was the unbundling of the categories into thin stack verticals for Fashion, Furniture, Real Estate, Food, Groceries and more along with the winners emerging in the horizontal category like Flipkart and Snapdeal, again with a thin stack approach.

There is now a belief of creating a full stack (payments, logistics and more) broad horizontal category approach with the focus on empowering the local merchants.

The assumptions around the above models have been that the consumer has an idea of the product/service, price and brand they want. What if one flipped this assumption and had the company decide the above with the the customer problem as an input.

The migration from land lines to cell phones and eventually app based chat along with the attention deficit disorder that most individuals suffer due to the myriad choices they are provided allows for a unique opportunity. We think for a company to provide a seamless experience  it has to anticipate, recommend and provide commerce solutions to the consumer, irrespective of the solution provider.

The dunzo app connects the consumers to the chat operators, which in turn are closely integrated with the runners, vendors and the intelligence engine (AI) of the system.

We believe that dunzo, through a full stack approach, is organically becoming an indispensable solution for consumers in empowering them with the right decisions around daily challenges they face.

Kabeer brings his unique consumer insights and experience from his days at Hoppr while Mukund, Dalvir and Ankur bring their technology prowess from their days at Google, Slideshare and IBM to ensure that the consumers get the best experience possible.


Investment announced: 2016 (Blume Fund II)

Co-investors: Aspada, Angel Investors



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