How we started Blume Talent Unit: Part 2 – The Present and the Future

Blume’s (T)A-Team is scaling new frontiers!

[This is a second and concluding part of our series on our experiments with hiring. The first part was published here]

Sanam was a young smart Talent Acquisition executive working with a Mumbai based Talent Consultant working for startups across India. We met her and instantly liked her. She joined Blume’s Platform company Constellation Blu as a Talent Lead in Dec 2015. The key hypothesis for this business is that if a recruiter works closely with a client, positions are closed much faster, candidates stay longer and the relationship remains healthy and fruitful. We request our founders to give her an hour or two to explain their business, tech stack, org chart and, most importantly, culture before she gets started.

Our commitment is that this unit will always be our first port of call whenever there’s a hiring need in our portfolio. For now, Constellation has also given us a reverse exclusivity too. Blume is exclusive to the Talent Unit and it is exclusive to Blume.

Today, more than 25 of our portfolio companies have worked with Blume Talent Unit. Sanam was joined by her ex-colleague Sadhika to expand our capacity. The good news is that more than 15 companies have had at least one position closed by Sanam and Sadhika, some of them in the very first interview they scheduled. Needless to say, they all love Sanam and love Blume a little more now!

Founders Speak

Our success is when we deliver industry-best quality to our founders. Here’s what some of our founders have to say about Blume Talent Unit:

Amarjeet Singh, Founder and CTO, Zenatix, says “We were primarily looking for not just the talent but also people with the right attitude. Constellation Blu were excellent in doing the right filters and bringing up only the profiles that were very strong… and we ended up having at least a telephonic conversation with many of them.” Agrees MechMocha founder Arpita, “working with an (the) talent unit was different… Candidates come back to me during interviews and say how well Sanam/Sadhika pitched Mech Mocha to them and that’s speaks a lot!

Since the talent unit works very closely with founders and the relationship (being investors) is much deeper than that of a regular consultant, there’s a stronger match possible between a candidate and a company. Nand Kishore, head of HR at RailYatri, says, “Sanam really spent the time trying to understand about RailYatri, our culture and what we are looking for in potential colleagues. She helped us calibrate what we really wanted and filter further on what we really liked in the engineering hires.”

Sanna Vohra, founder of The Wedding Brigade, says, “I was presented with 3-4 options, all of which typically warranted a first interview. These candidates came in with a good understanding of our company, our culture, and the role they were interviewing for… (as opposed to) candidates come in for interviews through other recruiters who have never even been to our website”. Founder of one of our Bangalore based companies had an almost magical experience. He says, “Going from a job posting to a good, vetted hire in less than a week was amazing. The best part about the process however was the shortlisted profiles we received. All of them were startup-friendly, capable candidates who we had fun talking to.”


We believe that our initial hypothesis has come true. Though it was largely only possible because we found the right leader in Sanam. Having said we can’t claim to have cracked the code for TA till we start contributing significantly to more than (estimated) 1000 hires Blume portfolio companies will make in the coming year!

[PS: If you’re someone looking to work with exciting young companies, head over to Blume website to find your best fit profile. Sanam and team will take good care of you.]

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